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Assembly & Test Equipment  -Wire Bonder-

Wire Bonder

High speed gold wire bonder with smallest foot print.
Low gravity bonding head gives smooth and stable operation. Well designed touch panel assures oprator-friendly machine run.

Thick Al Wire Wedge Bonder

Simple operation
Flexible selection of head
Compact-sized machine
Add-on oscillator and horn
Automatic weight calibration that is critical for bondability
Non-contact detection of bonding error.

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Bonding Tester

Applicable to test BGA, CSP, Gold/AL wire, bump and die shear.
Possible to test a bigger-sized sample wafer in a single setting.
Well developed data processing sotware line up available.
Pulling , shearing, and peeling test can be done in this single machine.

Bump Bonder

Full-auto bump bonder, adaptive for 300mm wafer.
And it achieve high-speed, few shake and fine-pitch bonding.

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