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Assembly & Test Equipment -Testing System-

Bonding Tester

Applicable to test BGA, CSP, Gold/AL wire, bump and die shear.
Possible to test a bigger-sized sample wafer in a single setting.
Well developed data processing sotware line up available.
Pulling , shearing, and peeling test can be done in this single machine.

Micro Focus Xray Inspection System

Non-destructive testing and analyzing system is to meet latest bonding method for the micromachining /high-density processes and BGA/CSP method which come with the development of semiconductor industry. Combination with its unique micro-focus X-ray radiation system and the high-performance X-ray detector has realized X-ray see-through image with high resolution and high enlargement.
Also the process from scanning through the see-through image can be controlled by PC, that may leads to high operability.

Portable Fluorescence X-ray analyzer

Analyzer correspondent to RoHS & WEEE compliance.
Short start up time and provides fast, reliable and non-destructive screening.
It offers the smallest, fastest and protable analyzer available at anywhere.

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Electrostatic Discharge Auto Tester

To suppress an inductance and a channel capacity that affect bad onto the test data, adopted a unique mechanism. Also available to detect the latch-up phenomenon.

Console Leak Detector

Performance complete automatic start-up allows high-speed testing with the UFT option.
The duplex analyzer-tube provides high reliability as well.
Rich variation can meet your various needs in mass analyzing.

High Temperature Test Handler

The products are tested in temperature-controlled bath(25℃〜150℃).
Then the products are sorted by rank differences based on test result.

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Solder checker

Solder-wetability is measurable in a real-time base.
Rapid heating and globule testing able to done in one machine.
Correspondent to ESJ standard.

Scratch Tester

Possible to evaluate both bonding-strength and wear-resistance of the film with less than a few micron and its raw material.
Measurable even if the raw material is soft.
Possible to meet evaluation for the multi-layer wafer.
Possible to observe a peeling phenomenon in a real-tome base.

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