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Assembly & Test Equipment  -Mounting-

Reflow Oven

Ultra-small size and low power consumption lead-free reflow.
Stuitable for small substrate with high-mix low-volume production.
Minimum machine size is flexible to locate at production layout.

Micro Focus Xray Inspection System

Non-destructive testing and analyzing system is to meet latest bonding method for the micromachining /high-density processes and BGA/CSP method which come with the development of semiconductor industry. Combination with its unique micro-focus X-ray radiation system and the high-performance X-ray detector has realized X-ray see-through image with high resolution and high enlargement.
Also the process from scanning through the see-through image can be controlled by PC, that may leads to high operability.

Portable Fluorescence X-ray analyzer

Analyzer correspondent to RoHS & WEEE compliance.
Short start up time and provides fast, reliable and non-destructive screening.
It offers the smallest, fastest and protable analyzer available at anywhere.

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