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Assembly & Test Equipment -Molding-

Auto Molding system

High accuracy molding performance is available by using AC servo motor in press, transfer,ejector unit.
System is available to change press layout from 2-8strips press by modification.
Various system configuration proposal available such as semi-auto(1-2strips)and vacuum molding.

Mold Die

High quality mold can be offerd from Japan top quality mold tool manufacture.
Not only toolings for common black compound, but also have various experience for clear compound molding.


Lifter to set & de-attach mold die from mold press.
Flexible design line to suit to production / press layout.

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Post Mold Curing Machine

Device to cure up the compound after transfer mold shot with programmable temperature profile.

Mold Shredding Machine

Powerful torque and cutter crush trash mold material.
The trash volume is minimized for efficient carry.

Conventional Mold Press

Delivered to almost of all manufacturers of semiconductor and electronic customer in both Japan and overseas since 1967.
Machine is reputable of its easy configuration, low noise and short-time die exchange.
Press of 15 to 300 ton clamp tonnage is available.

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Cap Seam Sealer

With the dual adoption of condenser type resist welder and roller type electrode, our parallel seam sealer enables precise welding like sew of can type device.
Amount of heat distortion and oxidization is very small.
Exprience for various types of application.

Mini Tablet Alinger

Auto machine to align and set mold tablet to MGP mold die tablet set jig.
Minimize the tablet loading time and help operator for easy & fast setting.

High Frequency Preheater

Most reliable and reputable machine in worldwide
Oscillator with high efficiency/low loss secures you to obtain highly efficient heating.
Deep consideration on safety in your operation and maintenance activities
Simple and usable operation panel. Hood open/close mechanism without any air source

Auto Frame Loader

Lead frames can be aligned by the dedicated chucking mechanism of 4-axis robot.
Easy operation by the sequential control
High efficiency by the fast cycle time.

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