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Assembly & Test Equipment  -Dicing/Die Bonder-

Laser Marker of 2D code

Laser Marker for micro 2D code.
With YVO4 laser, Laser Marking is available on glass, transparent plastic, metal and wafer.

Antistatic System for Ultrapure Water (CO2 Bubbler)

Small size "Antistatic System for Ultrapure Water".
On high specific resistance ultra pure water process, this system prevents from particle re-dip for static.
The short cleaning time prevent your products from static damage.

Dicing Frame Cleaning Machine

Cleaning for dicing frame together with the wafer tape and NG chips at same timing.
Automatically starts from de-tape, cleaning and drying will enusre high performance for laborsaving & rationelization.

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Die/Package Sorter

The machine sorts for Die/Package from wafer ring to after dicing.
and will select to pick up only non-defective die/package.
High-speed digital head able to achieve quick and low vibration direct pick-up.

Die Bonder

Wide range of high performance Die Bonder available like;-
Silver epoxy die Bonding
Discrete application eutectic die bonding LOC die bonding
Stack CSP application tape die bonding
Solder bonding

Flip Chip Die Bonder

Pick up the chip from wafer and flip and mount to lead frame or ceramic substrate

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Clip Mounter

This equipment feeds lead frame which has been chip-bonded and apply paste material on the chips and joint position of clip. Use the cutting die to cut the clip frame and will mount to chip frame.

Die Collet Cleaner

To clean die bonder's pyramid collet within 10sec without removing the collet from machine by using patent cleaning process.

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