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Assembly & Test Equipment  -Deflash/solder plating-

Deflashing Machine

System to De-Flash the mold resin/flash on/between the leads of molded strip by wet media method.
Any type of molded strips shall be applicable for this wet media deflash system.
We have variety of system configuration and types of media to suit to your strips.

Solder Coat・Dip Machine

The machine achieve uniform soldering for electronic parts.
The machine inside has enough space for maintenance.

Solder Planting System

System to automatically solder-plate the molded strip.
Strip to strip high speed solder plating system.
High productivity up to 2400 strips/hour.
Well designed strip feeder, specially designed power supply unit assure high quality plating finish on all the strips.

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Mechanical Deflashing Machine

This deflasher is a unique de-burr machine to remove resin burr or the like between elements in the molded lead-frames by using a wire-brush or a blade, that assures you to reduce an operation cost.

Auto Frame Aligner

This is a unique lead-frame aligner that can align molded frames, Just set the frame into the machine and will automatically detect top/bottom and orientation of lead frame and supply to next process link machine in proper orientation.

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